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Visual Indicator

Displayed On Screen:

  • Battery Capacity (Reassures you of the status of your battery)
  • Pads Expiry (Reassures you of the status of your Pads)
  • Unit Status (An O Signals unit Okay. An X Signals Service Required)
Visual Indicator - Eiremed IPAD CU-SP1

Adult to Paediatric Switch

  • No Need for Paediatric Pads
  • Simply Switch the Button to
  • Change from 150 Jules of Energy to 50 Jules of Energy For Pediatrics.
  • Reduces Operating Costs and Saves Time

Pre Connected "Smart" Electrodes

  • The Pads are Pre Connected and Stored in a Clear Perspex Holder at the Rear of the Unit.
  • This Makes Them Easy to Check, Locate Quickly and Remove From the Unit .

Easy Communication

  • Internal Memory Stores the Last Five Events or 3 Hours of Data
  • Data can be transferred via the built in SD card and IrDA ports
  • Makes Downloading Event Data or Upgrading your AED to New
    Guidelines as Easy as Using your Digital Camera

5 Year Battery

  • Each IPAD AED is Supplied with a 5 Year Battery as Standard

CPR Detection

  • The IPAD SP1 Detects if CPR is Being Performed When Required
  • If CPR is Being Performed, Voice Prompts Encourage the Responder to 'Continue CPR'
  • If CPR is Not Being Performed, Voice Prompts Encourage the Responder to 'Perform CPR'

"I" Button Technology

The 'i' button performs the following functions:
  • Allows responders to select if CPR metronome is heard during CPR
  • Used To Self Test the Unit.Downloads data for review Post Event
  • Downloads data for review Post Event
  • Provides 'handover' information to Ambulance crews (usage time, shocks delivered Etc )

Auto Volume Adjuster

  •      Ambient noise detector measures level of background noise and adjusts the volume of the voice          prompts accordingly.

  • Ideal for noisy environments such as public places, factories, warehouses, schools, Bars, Airports etc

Hard Carry Case

  • Each Unit is Supplied with a Free Hard Carry Case with Shoulder Strap
  • The Units Visual Indicator Can still be Viewed so Unit Status, Pads and Battery Can be Checked Without Opening The Bag

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